About Us

The Magic Moments Story

About Magic Moments When Magic Moments sex dolls first started in 1985, the Internet was only just beginning to grow into the enormous information super highway we know today, so the choice for adult shopping was restricted to mail order or dingy looking sex shops.

So that's when Magic Moments started selling adult products and sex dolls - Magic Moments have since grown into one of the most popular adult retailers in the UK, with over 1.5 million customers!

About Magic Moments Unlike many of our competitors or other stores on the Internet, we are not a faceless affiliate company based in someone's bedroom or a foreign country that keeps you waiting for weeks. We are a UK based family run adult products business at the end of a standard landline telephone number with our own fully stocked warehouse and are extremely proud of the fact.

A Family Owned Sex Toys Company

Magic Moments customers prefer shopping with us because their payment card details are never at risk. They can also telephone us for the cost of a standard call, not some faceless non-geographic 0898 or mobile number!


About Magic Moments

Why So Many People Have Chosen Magic Moments

It's not just about offering the best adult products and the most competitive prices. Far from it - its about how we as a company value our customers.

We recently installed an expensive computerised system so that we can always provide you with the best possible quality and security.

Dozens of our adult products have been featured on Television and Radio shows. BBC 'Kilroy', Channel 4's 'Graham Norton Show', plus many many others. Even Celebrities choose us too, obviously for confidentiality reasons we can't name them, but an extremely famous pop star orders their adult products from us regularly, they know only too well, we are always completely trustworthy and confidential.

Our Commitment To You

About Magic Moments We have always been committed to giving you the best quality adult products at the lowest prices, but it that is not all. We pride ourselves on our excellent Customer Service and After Sales Support.

We understand that sometimes a product is faulty or your order has been held up in the post. We are here to help and unlike many companies who are interested only in your money, we are interested in complete customer satisfaction which is at the top of our list of priorities.

Support, Help & Advice

We have helped countless thousands of people by giving advice on things like Premature Ejaculation, Vaginal Dryness, Lack Of Female Orgasm, Limited Sex Drive and much more as well as the adult products we sell. Although I must stress that our staff are not qualified sex therapists or GP's and any advice we give is purely for guidance and should never be substituted for professional medical advice.

Our philosophy is that we will provide a first class customer service, even though it may not result in a sale for us, the customers experience will be such a memorable one that they'll come back for advise and guidance again when they are ready to order items.

Adult Products Range

About Magic Moments With over 25 years experience in the adult industry, we deal with all the major manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our long association with our suppliers means we get the best prices available and because of our large sales volume we are able to pass the savings on to you the customer.

We only offer adult products that have been tried and fully tested. Many other internet sites offer as many products as possible so that they can claim to be the largest, the best etc without any care as to the quality of these products.

Our warehouse is fully stocked with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of adult products, which is why we can deliver your order so promptly.

Magic Moments Despatch

Your order is despatched very discreetly, there are no visible signs on the outside to say what products you have ordered. We take discretion very seriously and have done so since 1985 to ensure you get complete peace of mind and confidentiality.

Magic Moments Privacy Policy

Magic Moments always respects your privacy. When you shop with us we will ask you for your name, address, email address, the products you wish to order, your payment details.

I can confirm whole heartedly that the information you give to us is only used so that we may process your order and will never be made available or sold on to third-parties. Only with your prior consent will we from time to time notify you of special promotions etc.

Magic Moments takes your privacy very seriously. We never have and never will, sell, rent or pass your name to any other company or organization.

Industry Standards

We are members of S.H.O.P.S, the Safe Home Ordering Protection Scheme (the replacement for MOPS, the Mail Order Protection Scheme).

We also fully support The Internet Content Rating Association(ICRA). ICRA is part of the Family Online Safety Institute, an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet.

Data Protection

We comply with the requirements of The Data Protection Act and all information you provide is treated as strictly confidential.

The information we hold will be accurate and up to date and you may at anytime check with us on what information is held.

Your Satisfaction Is Key

Our twenty plus years of successful trading is your guide to the level of support and satisfaction that we at Magic Moments are committed to providing.

Our Continued Success

Without our satisfied customers we have no business, it is this philosophy which we have adopted for more than 25 years that keeps us as the UK's Number One Adult Products Company.

Magic Moments can now proudly boast sales in excess of £18 million, a database of customers that exceeds 1.5 million, and a reputation in the industry that cannot be equalled. I hope you enjoy browsing our website and if you decide to order through Magic Moments I personally guarantee your order will receive our best attention.

S Dalley

Director - Magic Moments