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No Need To Be Lonely At Christmas

(12/12/2012 @ 14:31:35)

Christmas Sex DollMake the most of christmas this year with a great value sex doll from, if your planning on a quiet time on your own away from the hustle and bustle of a family Christmas, then why not invite the perfect visitor over!

Purchase a love doll and dress her up in something sexy for a perfect Xmas guest. Pop on an raunchy DVD and let your fantasies begin, our sex dolls with the help of a little lube can give you amazing pleasure this Christmas holiday. With prices starting around £10, its possibly the best value gift you will ever need.

Visit our sex doll accessories page for lubes, cleaners and repair patches! Don't be caught short this Christmas period, be prepared!

Have the greatest festive season of your life courtesy of sexdolls UK, we pride ourselves on first class service to our customers and fast despatch and delivery. Look out for special offers throughout 2013 as we try to give our valued customers the best sex dolls in the UK at the lowest prices.


Are Celebrity Sex Dolls A Step Too Far?

(15/11/2012 @ 10:31:35)

Celebrity DollsWith the recent press around the world regarding the PipeDreams launch of the Justin Bieber doll renamed the ‘Just In Beaver’, it might be a good time to consider the issue of celebrity sex dolls, and to consider if Justin was correct to be ‘furious’, or whether its all a bit of harmless fun.

These dolls appear to be out of stock, but it is unclear if this is due to phenomenal demand or threatened legal action on the part of Mr Bieber. The level of interest in the subject suggests that celebrity sex dolls are a topic that will continue to amuse and perplex, but there is the serious question of whether celebrities who object to the sex industry trading off their name have a right to do so, and whether even if this is something that celebrities should expect, there are limits. Putting legal considerations aside, would a sex doll of the Queen or Prince William be a step too far? Would be very interesting to get some feedback on this one, so we look forward your thoughts.

On a different topic altogether, will be increasing our range in the not too distant future due to specific requests, so check back to the site soon to view the new additions. Mr Jones from Llanelli will be delighted to see that we have taken on board his suggestions with some of the new stock, and you can be assured that the quality of the goods and the service you receive will remain as ever the best you can experience for sexdolls in the UK. Until next time..

Why Choose Dolls Over Women

(25/10/2012 @ 11:17:18)

Sex Dolls Or Actual WomenThis week we asked a very important and interesting question sex dolls, courtesy of Yahoo answers. The question asked was whether some men prefer sex dolls over actual women, ie do some men make the conscious choice to use a sex doll over an actual woman, and if so, why?

Convenience seemed to be a key factor, with a number of contributors saying that knowing that a doll was always there and ready for sex was not only convenient, but also an added turn on for some men. Numerous men also found that the fact that their sex dolls didn’t require any dating or romantic meals was a good thing, and several also felt the dolls inability to nag or find fault before, during and after sex was also a definite plus point. Also listed as an advantage by one reader was the fact that a sex doll remains consistently attractive, with no bad hair days or wardrobe malfunctions to detract from the sexual act itself. Although these responses suggest that some men really are able to separate sex from human emotional interaction, it is also clear that men who prefer sex dolls are indeed able to form emotional attachment to sex dolls quite easily, with one famous case concerning an elderly Japanese man. In this example the gentleman in question had lived on his own for many years, enjoying a very fulfilling relationship with his sex doll. However, as he progressed in age he decided to relocate to live with relatives, and his sex doll companion was unable to join him.

Rather than dispose of the doll in the usual way by cutting her up and throwing her out with the rubbish, such was his attachment to his doll, he decided to wrap her up and part ‘bury’ her in local woods as a way of saying goodbye. His sex doll was discovered and a costly ‘murder’ investigation was briefly launched – not ideal, but nevertheless it does highlight how strong attachment to sex dolls can be. The conclusion of this brief but interesting research is clear – if you do prefer sex dolls to ‘real’ women this is normal, you are not on your own – in fact you may be joining a growing group of men who prefer having sex this way.

World Of Sex Dolls

(10/10/2012 @ 16:04:55)

Wet Sex DollWelcome to the wonderful and often wacky world of sex dolls from, with recent global events demonstrating how true the wonderful and wacky label really is where sex dolls are concerned. Allahabad University hit the headlines recently when 10 senior students allocated rooms in the university hostel allegedly forced junior students to have sex with a blow up doll, and promptly posted clips of the ‘orgy’ on the internet. It is not clear if the complaints made by the junior students related to the act with the doll itself, or the fact that they were then forced to share their performance with the wider world. And yes, I hear those of you shouting “Why complain ?..” Many thanks to Mr J from Glasgow for letting us know – he clearly found the clip before most of our other customers. In another recent global event – this time in Guangzhou, China, where there is a bit of a major sexual revolution in the offing, 30,000 visitors to the local sex culture festival were given the opportunity to openly grope and fondle realistic sex dolls whilst shopping for sex toys. Although in previous years this has included sex dolls modelled on the Obamas, this year appears to have been a little more traditional and open than previous years with reports that thousands enjoyed the grope on offer. Now I know that you all look after your sex dolls and give them the attention that they deserve, but a little too much attention was paid to a sex doll in the Black Sea this week, who found herself being rescued by a full compliment of rescue workers after locals called the Police to report a woman having trouble in the water. Mr Y from Herts did email to claim responsibility for this sighting, claiming that he did not want to bring her home after their holiday together, but there seems no way to confirm this without photographic evidence and we are too polite to ask! Finally, we received a lovely thank you card this week from Mr D in Sussex who recently welcomed his second Perfect 10 sex doll into his ‘harem’, and a rather curious question from an anonymous customer who wanted to know if we have a lesbian sex doll ?? Still trying to work out what the difference would be from the other amazing sex dolls on sale here at, but if anyone has any suggestions, let us know!! Until next time...

Virtual Girl - Lasting The Test Of Time

(28/09/2012 @ 13:41:21)

Virtual Girl Realistic Sex Doll A Virtual Sex Doll can become your life long companion, not just because she will forever be loyal, but because these foam filled quality sex dolls are durable and long lasting. We know this because the feel and build quality is obvious to see. And to confirm this to us and to leave us in no doubt, one of our loyal customers recently contacted us just to inform us of the fact his virtual girl is still going strong after 12 years!

Everyone likes to hear feedback from their customers and this particular message was music to our ears especially when our anonymous friend advised us that he has had over 1000 intimate moments with her! Although this particular doll is at the top end of our product line, it does go to show that you can get a great deal of value from an expensive sex doll. Our lower end blow up models are mainly purchased for stag or hen parties and we'd be very suprised if they were to last past a weekend, but if you keep them out of the nightclub we feel the life-span could easily be months if not years.

We believe another factor that makes the Hustler Virtual Girl our best selling top end sex doll is the unique sitting position which allows for easy entry during missionary, doggy sex and when standing for oral. Plus, the compact size is much more handy for storage and the virtual sex doll will easily fit in the bottom of your wardrobe or the boot of your car.

Real sex dolls are not for everbody but the lucky ones who grab a piece of the action are well aware of the benefits of such luxury goods. Take our word for it or browse the internet for comments and information about Hustler Virtual Girl sex dolls in the UK.

Replace The Girlfriend?

(03/09/2010 @ 11:55:45)

Big Tits Love Doll A wealthy businessman dumped by his girlfriend has taken his revenge by having a clone sex doll made in her likeness! The Italian sex doll manufacturer was asked to replicate the girlfriend in every way apart from a rounder bottom and bigger boobs! Many people will think this is very unusual behavior, but we believe this man is a genius, and although the cost must have been enormous he now has the perfect girlfriend and he can have sex whenever he wishes! Through his own imagination he now has his ideal partner, just like his ex but with the imperfections removed. We hope he has many years of happiness with her and wish him hours of pleasure especially with the modified proportions and enlarged assets.

Sexy Football

(10/02/2010 @ 16:28:09)

Robot Sex DollsThe latest sex doll robot has made a giant technical leap forward, the female doll known as "Roxxxy" can not only talk but has the added ability to hold an adult conversation!
So what did creator Douglas Hines develop as her favourite subject?... Football!
What better way to unwind after a passionate encounter than lighting up a cigarette and discussing the offside rule in detail or maybe even arguing about that penalty decision last weekend! Robotic sex dolls are certainly becoming more realistic these days and this leads to the question 'What will they think of next?'
Here are a few of our suggestions for the next generation of robot doll:


1. Ability to remotely change sex positions.
2. Facial expressions, (including orgasm face!)
3. Sexually interact with other dolls, for a threesome.
4. Ability to drink and play watersports!
5. A built in alarm clock!

More Women Buying Sex Dolls

(13/05/2009 @ 16:45:46)

Male DollsMany people associate blow up dolls and realistic silicone dolls with dirty old men who don't have what it takes to woo a real woman, well attitudes seem to be changing, not only are more young men buying dolls, recently sex doll distributors have seen a significant increase in the number of female customers ordering both male and female sex dolls!

It seems more and more acceptable for career women, who don't have time for romance, to order their lover online. Whereas sex toys such as the rabbit vibrator became popular a decade ago, it now seems women are wanting more, a vibrating toy has now evolved into a companion to fill their bed as well as their needs!

A spokesperson for Magic Moments said "Male sex dolls are definately the suprise hot sellers of the year so far!"

Sex Shops Burglar

(13/01/2009 @ 16:11:58)

Sex Shop BurglarAn Australian man has broken in to three separate sex shops to steal sex dolls, each time he felt the need to blow them up, then after he had his way with them, he dumped them in a nearby alley! Crime scene investigators say that DNA evidence has now been collected and the net is closing in on the horny thief.

Here at Sex Dolls we have taken the step of increasing security at our warehouse, just in case a craze begins in the UK! However because we sell Kandi, a sex doll with a voice, burglars may think twice before attempting to take her against her will!!

Sex Doll Body Suit

(16/09/2008 @ 09:54:43)

Sex Doll OutfitIf you can talk your girlfriend into this, then we at sexdolls take our hat off to you! One of the weirdest items for sale today, ideal for your sex doll fetishes, maybe you could dress up and surprise your partner! Made in the UKby these suits are made to your specific requirements including open crotch or zip, they even make a sex dolls suit for men.

The only problems we can see with these types of products are the basic fundamentals of sex dolls - they don't have a headache, you will find them where you last left them and most importantly sex dolls are in the mood when you are!!!!!

ParisSex Dolls Offer!

(01/04/2008 @ 15:44:13)

Celebrity Sex DollsYou wouldn't have thought there's too much that would freak out PARIS HILTON.

However recent reports reveal the socialite was left stunned after being offered the opportunity of having a sex doll made in her image.

The socialite and hotel heiress, who is admired by men throughout the world, hated the thought of strangers making love to a model that looked exactly like her - even though the idea could have added to her already vast fortune.

Parishas been quoted as saying: "I turn down perverted things, some sex things. Like a Paris Hilton blow-up doll.

"They were like: 'They'll sell for $50,000 (£30,000) each, it'll be the real-life you.'

"And I'm like: 'I really don't want a real-life me with anyone, anywhere. No!'"

Jammed in Mannequin!

(23/01/2008 @ 15:49:28)

Mannequin Sex DollA mannequin manufacturer is attaching warning stickers to its shop dummies - after a man mistook one for a sex doll and got his penis stuck. The 31 year old male, who cannot be named for legal reasons - bought the female bust from an online store for under £40.

But he soon realised something was not quite right when he jammed his penis inside a hole designed for a display stand! The man from South Yorks, was left in a tight situation and feared he may have had to call out the fire service.. Luckily, he managed to waddle into his kitchen with the plastic dummy still attached, grab a pair of scissors and cut himself free!
Rather than keeping silent about his embarrassing mishap though, the enraged customer then rang up the online store to COMPLAIN. The company's sales advisor was forced to stifle her laughter as the man blasted the product's "apparent faults" and demanded his money back. The online store are now considering issuing the mannequins with warnings labels to prevent future confusion!

During the phone call the customer in question demanded a refund on the now dismantled female torso at which point the refund request was politely refused. He had purchased the display mannequin after mistaking it for an adult sex toy.

"Because of the robust mature of the mannequin, the confused customer became concerned that the fire brigade would need to be summoned to release him from his predicament. "But thankfully, a pair of heavy duty scissors were able relieve his delicate area. "Shortly after freeing himself, he made an angry call to us to complain about the mannequin and that it was not what he had ordered. "The fact that one of our mannequins has been used in an unusual fashion has stunned and embarrassed the entire sales team.
"We are now going to place a warning on the mannequin section to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Related News

In 2005, an 18 year old from the US was caught performing an indecent act with an arts centre mannequin.

Mexican Machismo

(08/01/2008 @ 14:25:30)

Sex dolls fight Mexican machismo

Sex Doll Sexual Harrassment"Sexual harassment is a crime," reads the printed ad Mexico's government is using blow-up sex dolls in a new TV campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace.The ads feature dolls, dressed as secretaries and maids, who have to put up with leering and groping from male colleagues. Officials say the aim of the campaign is to make clear that women are not sexual objects. President Vicente Fox acknowledged on Wednesday thatMexico has to do more to overcome widespread machismo. "Our society still has a long way to go in overcoming hangovers from the past, eradicating prejudice and changing habits," he said. However, Mr Fox has himself caused offence recently by joking that women were just "washing machines with two legs".'Degrading'The launch of the campaign, which also includes billboards and radio ads, coincided with International Women's Day on Wednesday. It is scheduled to run until mid-April. "No woman should be treated like an object. Sexual harassment is degrading and it's a crime," says a voice-over at the end of the TV ad. Correspondents say machismo runs deep in Mexico, where it is common for men to have mistresses, and in some cases, set them up in a second home.Women generally earn less than male colleagues and have fewer opportunities for promotion - inappropriate behaviour toward them is said to be relatively frequent. Mexican officials have also acknowledged that the country still has a problem with domestic violence against women.

Russian Sex Dolls Abuse

(08/01/2008 @ 12:58:22)

Rafting On Sex Dolls In RussiaA participant in the annual Sex Dolls Rafting Tournament nearSt Petersburgwas disqualified in shame for "sexual abuse of apparatus", Mosnews reports.

The event - held on the Vuoksa river and sponsored by "a number of Russian sex shops" - this year attracted 400 athletes determined to tackle the choppy 1,200 metre course with nothing more than an inflatable partner for buoyancy, as our pic shows.

Yes they do. According to Mosnews's entertaining commentary, as "strong wind and flow snatched out resilient dolls from strong men's hands", only 40-year-old Igor Osipov was left to make the final climactic dash to the finish line. At this point, however, "the jury then noticed Osipov's strange position and told him to moor. When he came out of the water, gazers saw signs of recent sexual activity on the swimmer's doll."

Sex Doll Rafting StartWatch the sex dolls video here!

The mind boggles. The judges then "found the swimmer guilty of sexual abuse of the apparatus and disqualified him" because, as the organisers explained: "Air sex dolls can be used only for swimming."

Customer Review: Mr H P, Sunderland says: Orders are delivered in good condition, very speedy service.